Rev. Daybree Thoms
Join us on Sunday mornings for an inspiring celebration and a relevant, practical message you can apply to your life.

Unity is a positive, practical approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer. Unity honors the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual's right to choose a spiritual path.

Our Mission:
Unity of the Keys is a Spiritual community,
celebrating our oneness with God.

Our Vision:
Unity of the Keys sees humanity awake to its Divinity,
fully experienceing love, peace and abundance.


Rev. Evelyn Casper, our Minister Emeritus, leads our Silent Unity Prayer Service each Sunday morning at 10:30. Come join Rev. Evelyn and make your Sunday morning more meaningful and prayer-filled. 

Listen online to Sunday lessons, meditations and prayers.

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A Course In Miracles
Every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm
What is A Course in Miracles?

Are you interested in using space at Unity for your meetings, workshops, classes or special events?
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Please join us for our
Wednesday Evening
Prayer and Meditation Service.
Take a midweek break! 6:00 pm

Join us in May for a
Treat Yourself Tuesday

"Living in the Rhythm of Love"

with Laurie Winn,
author and Energy Mastered Practitioner

Learn more about the series here

May 5th is
Fearless Friday Open Mic Night
Join us to perform and/or support others as we express our unique skills and talents in a safe, loving, and fun environment!

Sign up at 6:00, show starts at 6:30 in the Felloship Room.



A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

Kapa'a Kapa'a

of The Keys
1011 Virginia St.
Key West, FL 33040

Sunday Service
& Children's Church
11:00 am


Unity of the Keys
is a member of
Unity Worldwide Ministries.



On April 30, 2017

Rev. Daybree Thoms' lesson will be

The Wisdom of the Ages

Continuing to explore the 12 Powers, this month we examine the power of Wisdom or Divine Judgment, represented by the Disciple James, son of Zebedee, and also represented by the color yellow. We understand that to truly embrace the 12 Powers is to know that they are each expressions of the One Power - of God. We all possess these powers and exercise them to some degree. Our desire is to continue to more fully understand, and thereby, more fully express these powers in our lives. 

The Disciple James was among the innermost circle, present often with his brother, John, and with Peter when witnessing miracles performed by Jesus. These disciples represent Wisdom, Love, and Faith - all powers that we call upon, draw up from within us, when facing diversity or challenges. We see this beautifully modeled for us in the teachings of Jesus, in His miracles, and in the way He lived His life.

Join us as we consider how Jesus may have spoken with James, with the power of Wisdom.


April 2017 Treat Yourself Tuesdays
6:30 pm in the Fellowship Room

April 25th: Drumming with Adam Chapuis

Bring your own drum, rattle, noise-maker or borrow one of ours and join the fun! A drum circle can be high energy jamming, different time signatures, rhythms from various cultures, grooving, meditative, healing, spiritual, and so much more. Each one is unique, as the gathering of individuals and their instruments is always different. Never drummed before? Great! Join with us in experiencing the unifying power of making sound together. Suggested love offering is $10.


Spiritual Counseling

One of Unity's many tools
for contemporary people.

The goal of Spiritual Counseling is to help each person discover the spiritual resources within ~ thus to better enable each person to find effective solutions to life's challenges.

Please contact the church office if you would like to make an appointment with Rev. Daybree Thoms.


Save the Date!
Saturday May 20th
A Concert and Gathering With

Tickets now on sale in the Metaphysical Bookstore

More about Nimo here


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